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Cutting / Charcuterie Boards

Cutting and Charcuterie Boards

Cutting and charcuterie boards made from whiskey staves.  Some staves are flat like they came out of the bands, others are cut square and clued outside face to chawed face.  

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<img class=”vce-single-image” src=”|!|vcvUploadUrl|!|/2021/11/CuttingBoardFlatw-Ends.png” width=”1024″ height=”677″ alt=”” title=”CuttingBoardFlatw-Ends” />

Cutting / Charcuterie Board

Cutting board made with the staves on their sides to create a strong solid cutting board.  The handle can be the round style or with the stave ends (the part of the stave that holds the barrel lid).


Rectangle Cutting Board

Rectangle Cutting Board, with the staves ends (used to hold the lids) on one end. Board is approximately 11 x 14 inches, 7/8″ thick.  This is a solid cutting board.  

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