Custom Made To Order

Kat and Art Glass was started when we moved to central Florida.  We wanted to do a craft that was not done by anyone in our area.  All Items at Kat and Art Glass can be custom ordered to your specifications.  Everything we do is a custom one-of-a-kind item.  There may be items that look similar but nothing is the same.

We use a kiln to slump, or flatten bottles.  Nothing comes out of the kiln exactly like something else.  We never know exactly what the bottle we put in will look like when it has cooled back down.  The entire slumping or flattening process may take up to 12 hours to shape and then re-harden the items in the kiln.


 All chandeliers can be designed and constructed with the bottles of your choice.  They will look similar to those chandeliers in the gallery but none are exactly the same.  

Woodwork we produce is also unique.  We use unique hardwoods and live edge pieces.  Some wood is burnt with electricity making a fractal design, some of the designs are filled with colored epoxy then covered with clear epoxy.  We use agree deal of whiskey, wine or other liquor barrels for wood.